> Original 1970’s reviews and interviews from the music press.

Stackridge are back, reformed, rejuvenated and better than ever.
Richard Purdon. The Yeovil Express.

An amazingly good performance from the band that actually likes it’s fans. I could’nt get tickets for the Cream reunion in 2006, but this was more than adequate compensation.
Michael Turner. www.remotegoat.co.uk

This decidedly English band always had a sound very much it’s own, and was stylistically diverse to begin with. Their music still quivers with creativity.
Jo-Anne Green. AllMusic.com

Of all the bands I used to listen to in the early 70’s there are few I remember more fondly than Stackridge. I caught them live again in 2007 and found they have lost none of their freshness and eccentricity.
Jonathan Coe. International Best Selling Author (The Guardian. Jan 1st 2008)

Stackridge is one of the most under rated bands of all times, they are a thinking man’s band, the lyrics are intelligent, witty and engaging, the music played at a high level of competence.
Simon Barrett. www.bloggernews.net

Stackridge are a fascinating group, delightful and uncategorisable.
Stuart Maconie. BBC Radio 6.

All is well in the world with Stackridge still making music.
Johnnie Walker. BBC Radio 2.

Therein lies their lasting success, the ability to stand out from the crowd and create clever songs, with witty lyrics, and highly original arrangements. In an increasingly mediocre musical world, Stackridge continue to shine.
Kim Fletcher. Amazon Records.

In the year that a Genesis reunion made the news their lesser known contemporaries may have felt a little short changed. Both bands fancied themselves as erudite English songsmiths, but Stackridge had the better songs. At the 100 Club in London this year, what struck you was how contemporary they sound.
Peter Paphides. The Times Newspaper.

Stackridge! At Glastonbury! Awesome!!!
Steve Wright. BBC Radio 2

There is Beatlesque melody, gently surreal humour and considerable instrumental dexterity that ranges freely between the worlds of POP, FOLK, JAZZ, CLASSICAL & PROG-ROCK.
Chris Evans. All Music Guide.

Stellar British Pop with a progressive vaudeville twist.
Robert Silverman. MWE3.com

Stackridge are 50% Beatles, 50% English Music hall, 50% Bumpkin Country-Bluegrass, 50% Classical. That adds up to at least 200% of whimsy and melody coming in & out of your ears – I dare you to listen and not love life just a little more.
Vastleft.  www.correntwire.com

An excellent, unfailingly melodic band.
Jim Irwin. Mojo Magazine.

Sublime musicianship, consummately performed with an ease, grace and humour that is simply astonishing.
Ade Macrow. Rock’n’Reel Magazine.

The best album the Beatles did’nt make….the best successor to Abbey Road you will ever find.
(Review of The Man In The Bowler Hat re-release)

The Davis/Warren duo is one of Britain’s greatest song writing teams.
Pete Feenstra. Concert Promoter.

They should erect a monument to Stackridge.
Jonothan Ross. BBC Radio 2.